Supriya Nayak, ODISSI DANCER

Odissi solo, Delhi 2012

These photographs are from a solo performance at the India International Centre, New Delhi, presented in collaboration with Seher, New Delhi. The programme had live musical accompaniment by Prafulla Mangaraj (mardala), Dhiraj Pandey (flute) and Sukanta Nayak (vocal).

I presented work learnt from my first Odissi teacher Kiran Segal with a mix of compositions by her and her guru, Mayadhara Raut. The repertoire included Mangalacharan (Saraswati Vandana), Batu, Abhinaya (Sangini re raasa rangini re), Pallavi (Raga Mohana), Sabhinaya nritya (Sangini re chanhan).

Photography by Ajay Lal