Supriya Nayak, ODISSI DANCER

Odissi classes

Learn this beautiful classical Indian dance with Supriya Nayak

Odissi (Odia: ଓଡିଶୀ Oḍiśī), also referred to as Orissi in older literature, is a dance form from eastern India that draws its movement and repertoire from sculpture, painting, literature, theatre and ritual practices.

Supriya has been a student, practitioner and teacher of Odissi dance most of her life. She teaches group Odissi classes at Studio Sama, New Delhi, and offers online classes for groups and individuals. Her classes bring together years of Odissi practice, a deep interest in the history and development of the form, as well as a study of the Alexander Technique and yoga to better understand movement and expression of the body in Odissi.

For more information about taking lessons, please contact Supriya here. Learn more about Supriya here. To see a video and photographs of Supriya's classes click here.